Welcome to WP Meat Company!

"We Raise & Process Our Own Meat"

At WP Meat Company, we know that quality food and knowing where your food comes from, is so important. The meat we sell as retail and wholesale is raised by us. We care about the health and wellbeing of our animals just like we care about the health of our customers. There is nothing like eating fresh, local meat, so come try the difference!

We also know that our local farmers and ranchers need a processing company that understands their wants and needs and can process their animals to "meat" their standards, which is what our employees have been doing for over 16 years.

WP Meat Company is located in Enfield, Illinois. WP Meat Company originally opened as Enfield Slaughter Plant. In 2007, under new ownership, the plant was renamed to Enfield Packing Plant. In 2023, the plant was purchased by Emmy (Pruitt) Williams, and renamed to WP Meat Company. The name WP Meat Company came from Emmy's maiden name, Pruitt, and married name, Williams. The term "Meat Company" was used because we are so much more than just a packing plant. We are truly a meat company. We raise and process the meat ourselves making it a true farm to table experience.